Center of Educational Technologies

About the project

The goal of our project is to set up and develop the Information and Research System “Innovative Educational Technologies in Russia and Abroad”. In creating it, we aim to build a networked space for the sphere of education, where the federal standards, innovative educational technologies and the global and best practices could blend together, enriching the experience of educators at the grassroots level. Our site will help organize an open exchange of opinions and innovations in online education and other novel forms of transforming the academic space.

The site contains systematized information on how online education technologies are created and applied both in developed and developing societies. We intend to analyze the experience of building MOOCs by the leaders of the market in open education and to provide a fresh perspective on how their experience can be re-imagined or re-created in other educational and cultural spaces, primarily in Russia.

By accumulating theoretical and practical information on the issues of innovative educational technologies in Russia and abroad, we want to give educators an analytical and methodological tool of comprehending how best global practices can be applied to their individual experience of teaching and learning. Social network-integrated comments and forums are open for everyone to voice their opinion. For a more academic exchange, Obrazovatelnye Tekhnologii journal is now fully featured on the site and accepting articles from all interested educators.

Our wider plans include interaction with national and international academic centers working on innovations in education, Internet conferencing and participation in field-oriented international conferences. All of these can be of importance for Russia’s further integration into the Bologna Process and the global educational system in general.

The project is performed with the financial support from the Russian Foundation for the Humanities (“Innovative Educational Technologies in Russia and Abroad”, grant No. 13-06-12034в).